Fabric Protection Services

Fabric protection, is a thin barrier that we apply directly to fabrics that would otherwise attract moisture or dirt from every day use.

This is meant to repel liquids that can stain from being attracted to fabric surfaces. The most commonly available fabric protectors sold today are DuPont Teflon and Scotch Guard.

Almost all furniture and carpeting made today comes with some sort of fabric protection.

Stop Stains

We apply a thin layer directly onto the surface of the furniture or carpeting. The result, the prevention of stains from soil and spills on fabrics.

Once the material dries, it will repel most soils and liquids and improve the chance to survive any spill that contain any colored dyes. Red and green are common colors that stand out on a clean carpet.

Carpet and furniture can also loose this barrier that was on your furniture or carpeting when it was new.

Replace the Teflon or Scotch Guard after having any type of carpeting or furniture cleaning.

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Apply fabric protector every 9 to 12 months, depending on use and wear.

When it comes to fabric protection it’s best do a deep cleaning first.

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