Clean a Soap Spill

How to Clean a Soap Spill from your Carpet

There’s no easy way to clean a soap spill after it occurs but here are some tips to get you started on how to Clean a Soap spill.

It only takes minutes for liquid laundry detergent or dish soap to seep through the fibers of your carpet. Once soap has worked it’s way to the padding you may have a reoccurring stain for many years to come.

Immediately place a towel on the area, stand on the towel for about a minute. Repeat this process with a dry spot on the towel until the towel comes out dry.

Once you have drawn up as much soap as possible with the towel, avoid walking directly on the area. Extract the remainder with a wet dry vac, rent a machine or call a carpet cleaning service.

The remaining shampoo or soap in the carpet will dry and attract dirt from socks and shoes like a magnet until it can be extracted. This will always be the first SPOT on your carpet to reappear until the remainder of the soap is removed.

With your wet dry vac or rental machine, saturate the area with warm but not to hot water. Use your hand to agitate the area until there are lots of suds.

If the spill is large, work your way from the outside to the center. This will prevent the soap stain from getting larger.

Extract as much as you can, repeating the process until no suds appear. Once you are satisfied or tired of cleaning whatever comes first. Use a fan to help dry the area.

Even with a thorough cleaning there can be some left over soap residue. It may take multiple cleanings to get this out!

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