Increase the lifespan of your carpet

Increase the lifespan of your carpet

Increase the lifespan of your carpet firstly by not walking across it with your shoes. Shoes worn outside will bring unwelcome dirt and other soils into your home and on your carpets.

Walking across your carpet combined with abrasives like sand that get tracked in from shoes will contribute to early carpet wear.

Vacuum as needed

Some homes have rooms with carpet that rarely get used, that carpet will literally last forever. These carpets can be maintained with a once a week vacuuming and, a carpet cleaning every 16 to 24 months.

Rooms used on a daily basis will require a maintenance routine of vacuuming and Steam Cleaning more often.

Heavily used carpet and carpets with smaller traffic areas may need steam cleaned every three to six months. Many businesses require carpet cleaning more often than residential homes because of the amount of daily foot traffic they receive.

Household areas that get more traffic will show carpet wear sooner. Rearranging the furniture in these rooms will help minimize the appearance of early carpet wear.