Items We Move

We move most furniture if possible here is a basic summary of the items we move.

We don’t move heavy or fragile items Pianos, TV’s, electronics or Hutch cupboards. China cabinets, beds, loaded dressers or dressers with mirrors, etc.

We request that you the customer please remove the following items from your furniture. These items include plants and nick knacks, electronics and lamps.

Vacuuming your carpet on the day of your appointment will save time so we can get straight to work cleaning your homes carpets and furniture.

We use special pads and blocks to protect your carpets from the damage stain transfer can cause.
Stain transfer can occur when furniture is placed on wet carpet without the aid of pads under the feet.

We will remove most of the stubborn spots and stains along with the odors trapped in the fibers of your carpet.

Carpet Drying Time and Humidity

Many factors are involved in carpet drying times.

Carpets and furniture will dry faster in the winter months than the summer months because the windows are closed and the heat is always on.

Depending on the amount of the pile in your carpet, the drying time will vary. A thicker carpeting for example like a shag rug will take longer to dry than a Berber type carpet that has less piling.
Have a fan ready, this will help your carpets to dry faster than normal.

Clean Carpets and Furniture require fabric protection in order to last a lifetime. Ask your cleaning technician for more information on how to properly maintain your carpet and upholstery.

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